Lisa A. Shiel

Book Cover: The Hunt for Bigfoot (Human Origins, Book 1)

Katy Gallagher has gotten used to ridicule. With her mentor Charlie Bergren, she searches for the truth about the legendary Bigfoot and its connection to human history, a hobby that sets her in the sights of every yahoo with a big mouth and no brains. Katy refuses to give up, believing her quest will alter how humans view their place in the world. But an unknown enemy is bent on stopping the hunt for the Sasquatch…

When another friend is murdered and Charlie vanishes without a trace, Katy knows a coldblooded killer is closing in on her, too. This ruthless enemy will stop at nothing to keep the secrets of the Bigfoot mystery hidden. Katy's only hope of survival is to track down the clues to Charlie's disappearance and discover if he is alive or dead, and what evidence he dug up that's worth killing for. Someone else wants to know the answers, too—Rick Bergren, Charlie's son, who has come home to find his father.

Now Katy, a willful believer in the paranormal, must join forces with Rick, a hostile skeptic, in a desperate quest to expose a deadly conspiracy. As sparks fly between the pair, they struggle to stay alive while retracing Charlie's final steps. Driven into the wilds of northern Michigan, they stumble onto more than they bargained for—because humans aren't the only ruthless enemies circling them.

Publisher: Jacobsville Books