Walt Shiel

Book Cover: Rough War: The Combat Story of Lt. Paul J. Eastman, a 'Burma Banshee' P-40 and P-47 Pilot
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Paul Eastman was one of thousands of fighter pilots who served honorably, bravely, and with little fanfare during World War II. He did not end the war as a celebrated national hero. No air base was ever named for him. He never became an ace. He never became famous. Paul spent 20 months flying daily combat sorties in one of the most difficult environments of the war -- the China-Burma-India Theater.

Paul Eastman maintained a daily diary throughout the war, covering his life in the air and on the ground. Rough War is based on those diaries and the many letters he wrote to his wife. His letters professed his love, expressed his post-war hopes, documented his ongoing fears, and voiced his concerns for his wife and family stateside: Would he survive the war? What would he do afterward?

Although the CBI has been labeled the "forgotten theater" of WW II, Paul Eastman's story helps ensure that the men who fought the air war over its unforgiving jungles and mountains will never be forgotten.

Publisher: Jacobsville Books
Reviews:on Midwest Book Review Small Press Watch:

Rough War is a war biography from Walt Shiel...Fighting in a lesser known front of China, India, and Burma, he tells a story of a man pulled away from life and the struggles of survival where one wrong move could mean a fate worse than death. Rough War is a riveting war story, highly recommended.

on Military Writers Society of America:

The author does a superb job summarizing events happening in the overall war, and within Eastman's theater of combat, alongside Eastman's personal experiences...both entertaining and educational...should be included as recommended reading somewhere in an officer's professional military education.

Ed Rasimus, Author of Palace Cobra and When Thunder Rolled wrote:

Rough War is an important story that makes an equally important connection to the effects of war on the members of the US military today. "A rare achievement that offers a rewarding, creative approach to history that should be a model for more writers.

Eric Hammel, Author of The Road to Big Week wrote:

A story of the war generation, of the forgotten theater, and of the terrible things just being in a war does to people.

William H. Lawson, Brig. Gen, US Air Force, Retired wrote:

Rough War presents a unique history of the making of a combat fighter pilot...While aviation technology changed for America's next war in SE Asia, the threats of the jungle, monsoon, and a determined enemy created similar issues during my own fighter-pilot experiences in Vietnam.

Robert F. Dorr, Author of Mission to Berlin wrote:

Rough War presents a highly personal view of air combat and daily life in the WW II jungles of Burma. Walt Shiel skillfully blends a history of that war with young fighter pilot Paul Eastman's personal diary, letters, and photographs. An engaging history of a small part of a global war.

Jim Hooper, Author of A Hundred Feet over Hell wrote:

In the annals of WWII aerial warfare Rough War is a jewel that has been missing for far too long.