Walt Shiel

Book Cover: Cessna Warbirds: The War Years (1941-1945)

What was Sky's first aircraft in the 1950s TV show Sky King?

The Cessna T-50 Bobcat!

During World War II, Cessna Aircraft Company sold more than 5,000 twin-engine aircraft--the T-50 Bobcat--to US and foreign armed forces with a variety of designations and missions. As the USAAF AT-8 and AT-17 and the RCAF Crane multi-engine trainers, the T-50 prepared new pilots for the bigger bomber and transport aircraft they would fly in combat around the world. As the UC-78 and JRC-1, it provided personnel and light cargo transportation worldwide.

Cessna Warbirds: The War Years (1941-45) details the genesis and evolution of the Cessna T-50 Bobcat from its incarnation as a civilian aircraft throughout its wartime military history. Personal recollections from pilots who flew the aircraft during WW II, a plethora of photographs (some in color), diagrams extracted from the pilot's flight manual, and a collection of Cessna-related wartime ads provide a unique depth of material.

The War Years also chronicles the pre-war, single-engine Cessnas that were impressed into military service.

The War Years includes an illustrated overview of Clyde Cessna the man, the aircraft he designed, and the companies he created.

Publisher: Jacobsville Books